To simplify and de-stress the home buying process for everyone.

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About Abode

At Abode, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in residential real estate. When you buy a home, it is usually the largest transaction of your life to date and the process is stressful and complicated. Home buyers are required to hire a team of professionals to help them get financing, find the best house, get it insured, manage all of the associated paperwork... The list goes on and on. The way this is currently done is manual and antiquated.

Our team learned from personal experience that this process was simply too painful in its current form. We saw enough up close and personal to know that much of the stress and confusion could be solved by creating easy-to-use software to guide everyone in the process and enable buyers and the professionals to collaborate in real-time.

Throughout the history of real estate, people have used more and more data to make better decisions. Yet in the past, most of that data has been hard to access or even understand as it was held in the hands of the few. Our mission is to make this data more transparent and easy to understand for everybody (not just real estate agents).

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Our dashboard will guide you through the home buying process with ease.

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Our Team

The Abode team has a long history of solving big, complicated problems.

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We are Chicago-based and we are expanding fast!

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