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    Working with a top real estate agent can mean the difference between getting your dream home or losing out to someone making a competing offer. In addition, statistics show that using a top agent will save you THOUSANDS of dollars on average as they can negotiate better than the “average” agent.

  • Get the best mortgage for your needs

    We match you with the best mortgage professionals in the industry so that you get the financing you need, at the best rate, with the best customer service. We help you cut out unnecessary fees save TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars on what will likely be the largest transaction of your life.

  • Top Attorneys that specialize
    in real estate

    We only work with attorneys who have been independently recognized by as top performers in their field. Top attorneys will help you with the arcane details of buying or selling every type of property.

  • Work with our curated list of expert inspectors

    Having the right inspector can make or break your funding and your transaction. We’ve analyzed who is best and match with them to save you time and money.

  • Securely Manage critical documents throughout your process

    You will need to send, receive, and sign dozens of important, and sensitive documents during the course of your real estate transaction. At Abode, you can upload, download and share these documents with your dream team online with bank-level security.

  • Moving Services

    Moving can be one of the most stressful parts of getting to your new dream home. Abode makes this easier than ever. We save you money as we match you with best-in-class, insured, movers while enabling you to track your move in real-time with ease.

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We’re dedicated to demystifying the complicated process of buying a home.

  • Free

    We spent thousands of hours creating an algorithm that does this for you in seconds. We collect a small fee from the professional after they meet your expectations.

  • Unbiased

    We don't accept ads from anyone. We use actual data to match you to the best person for the job.

  • Guidance

    Buying or selling a home is often the largest transaction anyone does in their life. We guide you through the process so that you can be confident in reaching your dream outcome.

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  • Competition
  • Data driven, ad-free matching to top real estate professionals
  • Free, cloud-based dashboard to manage your process
  • Free, secure document management
  • End-to-end, online platform guiding your whole process
  • Concierge-level service for any and all your real estate needs
  • Fast, easy digital payments with escrow function

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Customer Experience our Top Priority

Abode saved us countless hours of time.

We were able to quickly choose a top real estate agent in our area who literally knew the the complete history of each home in the neighborhood we wanted.

Jessica & Mike
We actually hired another agent before using Abode

and got nowhere. Abode helped us save time and money.

Abode is the best kept secret in real estate.

I recommend it to all my friends who are buying a home.

Ari & Sara
I used Abode to better manage my home-buying process

from start to finish. It was super-easy using their dashboard to organize everything.

Leah & Robert
I can’t believe this hasn’t existed before.

Abode guided me and matched me with everyone I needed to get my dream home.

- 1/5 -

Abode by the Numbers

As you can see, we’ve grown very quickly, but we plan to help many, many more people just like you.

What Does the Press Say?

Abode is at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry

Many real-estate-tech companies that got into the business early hoped to knock out brokers in both residential and commercial real estate, an ill-fated strategy.

Richard LeFrak: Technology Is Changing Real Estate

Five companies that hope to transform the real estate industry with technology have joined Chicago's Elmspring accelerator...

The residential real estate industry has moved online — real estate-related searches on Google have grown more than 250 percent in the past four years, and 90 percent of house hunters now look online.

...building the next killer real estate agent app

Any time you increase innovation in an industry, you benefit the market as a whole. Technology makes it easier for your audience to find you and your offerings.

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